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In the olden days Warren PA was the home of many local businesses and manufacturers. There were companies that were known world wide and well respected. Here at the Allegheny Book Mart we try to keep this local history alive with items for sale that bring back these memories of long ago. You’ll see displays of local items to buy which include local banks, car dealers and drug stores but you’ll also find national brand names like Piso’s, well known for their medical salve, Glendora who was known for coffee and canned produce and Warren Axe & Tool who made logging tools that were well respected all over.

We’ll touch on some of the local history here from time to time. Today we’ll look at the Warren Axe & Tool Company.

Warren Axe & Tool Building with the United Refinery in the background

In 1893 William J. Sager along with three of his sons and his son-in-law founded the Warren Axe & Tool Co in Warren Pennsylvania. Sager got his experience working in a number of axe and tool companies in Pennsylvania.

Originally the products of the company were known as Badger Axes til in 1895, two years after the company was founded, Sager received a patent for his chemical process in treating the axes. They started using the name SAGER which then became the brand name directly associated with the axes the company produced. In the early 1900s, they came out with a line of logging tools under the name BULL DOG.

Over the years the company continued to grow even taking over other axe manufacturers like the American Drop Forge Company of Wayland, NY and the Romer Axe Company of Dunkirk, NY. They expanded into Canada when some of the newly acquired equipment was relocated to St. Catharines, Ontario, where new facilities were built and the Canadian Warren Axe & Tool Company was launched with Herbert Stone serving as the President.

The Warren Axe & Tool Co. remained in existence until 1950 when it was sold to the Collins & Co. of Collinsville, Connecticut. Tools from Warren Axe & Tool are highly collectible today.

One of the things you’ll find at the Allegheny Book Mart is a great poster reproduced from a 1947 Warren Axe & Tool catalog cover.
Printed on 60 pound Williamsburg brilliant white paper in four color process, it measures 18 inches by 24 inches. This edition is limited to only 200 copies.

Ready to frame, this poster will be a great addition to any tool collection. You can get yours by calling the Book Mart or ordering online on this site. The price is 15 dollars each plus shipping. These will be carefully rolled and shipped in a tube. SORRY, the posters are sold out.


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2 Responses to Warren Axe & Tool Company

  1. joe e says:

    found a badger axe head and will take under advisement as worth and restoration. have many edge tools as we burn fallen timber that needs to be disposed of, would hate to destroy a piece of history if in fact it is so.

    • Steve says:

      There were a great many axe makers and the range is great as to their value and rareity. It would be very hard to give you a price without seeing the axe.

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