Just In! New Book by Local Author

Just in!  A great new novel by. Howard McDaniel is a local author and we are proud to now have his first book in stock. You can come in and get your own copy of “The Rules Of The World” today.

The story is a darkly humorous, complex and mystical commentary of postmodern American life.

Synopsis: Billy Bearfield always wanted to create a meaningful legacy as a writer. Unfortunately, instead of leaving his mark on society, he has stumbled into a job as a bank collections manager. He spends his days harassing people for money, tolerating his obnoxious boss, and trolling online chat rooms. Billy’s life is pretty much meaningless until a bizarre encounter on a commuter train launches a fantastical search to define the core of humanity: the rules of the world.

A quirky writer by the name of Gooseman Pobatz reveals the first rule: “No lies, ever!” Billy’s meeting with Pobatz sends him wheeling through time. As he travels through Alturo Sentoris in search of the mysterious Noman, keeper of the rules, the people and creatures get weirder and more mystical. Billy chats with a cyclops, is tempted by a siren, and has a poignant meeting with his maker. All the while, the rules of the world become clearer, and life itself takes on new meaning.

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Collecting Railroad Lanterns

A nice example of a Pennsylvania RR lantern with an etched amber globe

Before city lights and modern GPS units the railroad lantern served a very important purpose. They communicated signals between trains and stations at night. A timely lantern signal could mean the difference between life and death. In one 19th-century story, a 15-year-old girl saved a train from a broken bridge by alerting a station agent, whose lantern signal to the train averted disaster.

Collecting railroad lanterns can provide a fascinating glimpse into the history of America during a time when trains provided the best coast-to-coast access to travelers from across the country. Although many of them may look alike to the untrained eye, antique railroad lanterns come in an intriguing variety of types and designs that can affect their value and collectability. For those who are new to collecting railroad lanterns, here are some tips for getting started.

In the basic sense a railroad lantern has four components: a base, a cage (wire guard), a chimney, and a glass globe housing the light source. The cage protects this globe from damage, but, even so, antique lanterns with intact globes are rare.

Lanterns can be divided into a few basic categories. The first is the fixed-globe lantern, the earliest type. These were popular from the Civil War period to a few decades afterward. Then in 1865, William Westlake built a tall-globe lantern, which was widely used from the 1870s until World War I. The globes on these lanterns generally measured between 5 3/8 and 6 inches tall. After World War I until the 1960s the tall-globe lantern gave way to the short-globe lantern, with globes measuring between 3 ¼ to 4 ½ inches tall. This smaller chamber size was better suited to burn kerosene, which had replaced signal oil as the main lantern fuel. There are also Conductors and Inspectors lanterns though these are usually hard to find.

Lanterns that have railroad markings are generally more valuable than the unmarked ones. The rarer and more unusual the marking, the more valuable the lantern.

Most of the time you’ll find the short-globe lanterns which were manufactured by companies like Adams & Westlake, Armspear Manufacturing, R.E. Dietz and Lovell-Dressel.

Railroad lanterns are a fascinating piece of Americana but they are also a highly decorative collectible and can be used to enhance the decor of any design scheme. By doing research and using reputable sources, collectors can amass a fine collection of these iconic symbols of America’s past.

Here at Allegheny Books and Antiques we have a large selection of vintage railroad lanterns in stock right now. They are all in great shape and cover many area railroads like the Pennsylvania Railroad, Erie Railroad, B&O Railroad and others. Stop in to see the choises you have.

A cabinet full of railroad lanterns give you a wide variety to choose from

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4/18/14 Ric Savage Visit

On Friday evening Ric and Rita Savage of Spike TV’s Savage Family Diggers stopped by the store for a visit. Ric signed copies of his new audio book “Haunted Gettysburg Ghost Stories” for the customers and took time to talk to them. Many people had their photos taken with Ric too. He’s a very interesting guy to talk with and really knows his history!
I had a chance to listen to the audio book and it’s filled with great stories. Get your copy right away! We have a limited supply available.

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Window Shopping

a.k.a. views from the store

Do we carry vinyl records? YES!

We also have a large variety of 45s

Books on almost any subject you like

A sample of the many pieces of art we have for sale

Edison Dictaphone


Old trunks

HO scale train set

US coins and Arrow Heads

Console model Victrola

Handbuilt Child's Wagon

Fantasy Art

original oil painting

Edna Hibel stone cut lithograph, Artist's Proof

Colorful china set

We have book on many subjects

Some great book on local interest

Decorative Plate

Great old parlor lamp

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